Information about the HRT prescription prepayment certificate


Did you know that you can get an HRT prescription prepayment certificate (HRT PPC) if you've been prescribed an eligible hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medicine.

What you'll get

  • The HRT PPC costs £19.30 for 12 months.

It will cover all your eligible HRT prescriptions for that period, no matter how many different medicines you need. There's no limit on the number of HRT prescription items you can get with it while it's valid.

You'll save money if you're going to buy more than 2 prescription items in 12 months.

If you have prescriptions for medicines that are not eligible

If you have other prescriptions that are not for eligible HRT medicines, you may save more with a 3 or 12 month standard PPC.

A standard PPC will save you more than an HRT PPC if you get:

  • 4 or more items in a 3 month period and at least 2 are not for eligible HRT medication
  • 12 or more items in 12 month period and at least 10 are not for eligible HRT medication  


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