Welcome to Lisa Menozzi, our new GP Partner at St Neots

Dr Lisa Menozzi wanted to join Lakeside for several reasons, amongst which are the increased resilience, specialist team support and potential for clinical and research development that 'The Lakeside Way' is able to provide.  

Lisa said: 'I really like the ethos and structure of Lakeside, that was one of the things that really attracted me towards partnership here. It is unique as far as NHS General Practice is generally. Truly merging and becoming one business and bringing on specialists in Finance, Human Resources, Safeguarding and Research among others... brings in a whole load of necessary skills that may have traditionally fallen to GP Partners to do themselves, but who need to be able to focus their clinical expertise on providing excellent patient care instead.  

'Instead of duplicating work at individual sites Lakeside centralises procedure, which frees on site teams to support the clinical teams in patients' day to day care. There is also a good level of transparency, for example, through the risk management tools I have observed. Overall, Lakeside has lots of strengths which gave me the confidence to become an NHS GP Partner again.'   

With wide clinical experience plus a BSc in Immunology and Cell Pathology and an MSc in Public Health, Lisa is keen to keep on learning and has just started a Diploma in Dermatology. She has carried out a variety of locum, salaried, OOH, remote and partner roles since qualifying: 'I love the academic environment. Research is really interesting, it reminds us of the science behind the day-to-day protocols and helps move evidence-based patient care forward. It is fantastic that Lakeside has an active Research team, which I am looking forward to finding out more about.  

'The St Neots team is very supportive; they look after everyone extremely well. I consider them to be exceptional in how hard they have worked covering the workload of several GPs as individuals. We have caring personalities and want to give the best that we can to our patients so I am really happy to be part of the team.'  

image of lisa menozzi

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