It's about you – we are all unique

You're okay just as you are. Really.

You are a unique person, capable and loveable, with special talents and strengths, with inner wisdom and creativity – a human being of value. So accept and respect yourself.

Get comfortable with the real you, inside and out.

Accept your size and shape, your feelings, yourself, unconditionally and others will do the same.

Honour your character, talents and achievements. Celebrate your life.

Through these actions your mental health and overall well-being will unquestionably benefit.

It is important that we support people in adopting healthier habits for the sake of health and well-being rather than solely weight less or in pursuit of media-driven images.

At Lakeside we are eager to help improve the quality of living for people who are overweight or obese by promoting healthy living and healthier lifestyles, that will include recommendations regarding exercise and prevention and moderation (for example smoking and alcohol limits), but will not be driven by weight loss as a direct goal. Healthiness comes in all shapes and sizes.

The benefits of lifestyle interventions such as nutritious eating and exercise are seen as evidence based, but their benefits can be argued as being independent of any weight loss they may cause.


We are all different. What is the natural shape of your body?

  • Are you an: A-shape:  you have bigger buttocks and hips
  • Are you a: Y-shape: you have bigger chest
  • Are you a: H-shape:  you have no discernible waist
  • Are you an: X shape:  your hips and chest are even and your waist is smaller
  • Are you an: O-shape:  often happens to women around menopause

Put simply: all bodies are not meant to look the same, and that that is not just okay but as it was always supposed to be. It is natural.

We need to know the difference between health and size, and should focus more on the former.

Do your knees work? Yes. Elbows? Tick. Can you run, jump, play, and sleep soundly? Tick again. Do you have the energy you need to do the things you want to do and dream the dreams that matter most to you? Yes.

Would you like to be a bit thinner? Sure, sometimes, but it is something we should not be obsessing over.

We are seeing increasing numbers of patients: young, old, male, female coming to seek advice for eating disorders. This is not a good thing. More worryingly we suspect that far more are suffering in silence, alone and unhappy. Trying to conform to the impossible standards of others is well…impossible. Instead we need to strike a balance that works uniquely for each of us. A balance between healthiness, happiness, image and fitness.

We can help you reach that balance to be fit in body as well as mind and there isn''t a one size fits all programme we shall make you suffer.

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