Lakeside Healthcare Partners

Central Team

  • Janita Mackin

Lakeside at Corby

  • Dr Richard Baxter  
  • Dr Ian Bowie  
  • Dr Andy Cook  
  • Dr Sanjay Gadhia  
  • Dr Ammar Ghouri  
  • Dr Nisha Guram  
  • Dr Amardeep Heer  
  • Dr Harish Kundaje  
  • Dr Fadzai Mabhurukwa  
  • Dr Martin McGrath  
  • Dr Suzanne Moldon  
  • Dr Amir Morjaria  
  • Dr Sudeep Rai  
  • Dr Afraz Sheikh  
  • Dr Shalini Singh  
  • Dr Deborah Smith  
  • Dr Ros West

Lakeside at Headlands

  • Dr Aisha Durrani  
  • Dr Angela Hartley  
  • Dr Adeel Iqbal

Lakeside at Hereward

  • Dr Thomas Ashley-Norman  
  • Dr Clive Cole  
  • Dr Carl Pears  
  • Dr Lindsay Taylor
  • Dr Ian Wheatley

Lakeside at New Queen Street & Stanground

  • Dr Dan Dhanushan  
  • Dr Rebecca Garrett  
  • Dr Ajay Patel  
  • Dr Deepali Prakash  
  • Dr Katie Scott  
  • Dr Paula Spellar

Lakeside at Oundle

  • Dr Penelope Hipwell  
  • Dr Grietje Lijesen  
  • Dr Felix Morgan  
  • Dr Kathryn Newell  
  • Dr Michael Richardson  

Lakeside at St Neots

  • Dr Robin Baxter
  • Dr Thong Ho
  • Dr Timothy Mears  
  • Dr Amy McC­arthy  
  • Dr Claire Murphy  
  • Dr Iftikhar Hussain 

Lakeside at Stamford

  • Dr Gavin Cattigan  
  • Dr Mary Chorbadjian  
  • Dr Sian Dronfield  
  • Dr Thomas Eames  
  • Dr Sara Hall  
  • Dr Lorna Knight  
  • Dr Miles Langdon  
  • Dr Robert Mitchell  
  • Dr Katherine Noble  
  • Dr Daniel Petrie  
  • Dr Kate Tizzard

Lakeside at Yaxley

  • Dr Stephanie Betts-Masters  
  • Dr Jasdeep Bhari  
  • Dr Jaspreet Bhatia  
  • Dr Peresh Gela  
  • Dr Alison Graham  
  • Dr Madhuri Gupta  
  • Dr Mitesh Thanki  
  • Dr Richard Withers  

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